27 March 2008

book autopsy

Brian Dettmer makes incredible book autopsies.

Link: Centripetal Notion
Via: Signal vs. Noise

17 March 2008

omg to this stiching

I love everything - EVERYTHING - here and here.

I've got a bunny thing, and I've got a messy stitching thing, and I've got a thing for strange stories with gore and oddness, so this is my new favorite thing.

I love it.

14 March 2008

find public art

I sure do moan and groan a lot about living here, but for some things, like art, Minneapolis is a really cool place.
I just found this map that identifies all the public art around the city.
And Start Seeing Art has a google maps mashup.
All via: Minneapolis Metblogs (which is also super cool, btw.)

06 March 2008

More post-it art.

Post-it flower.

02 March 2008

Felt Birds

Oh these are fantastic!

More here.