30 April 2008

irresistible animated GIF

Loopable has an amazing collection of animated gifs. I simply cannot stop watching this one loop.

loopable deer

Link: Loopable
Via: Monoscope

The van walk comes in as a close second.

West Coast mail art

We're at it again! Road trip mail art!
In the last two weeks of May, Laurie and I will drive from LA to Seattle. Who wants mail art? Send us your address.
Here's hoping for no adventure bunnies.

26 April 2008

22 April 2008

For you... by mail

David Horvitz is offering to do things for you that can be bought and documented by mail. Among my favorites are:

  • For every $1 you give me I will look out at the Pacific Ocean for one minute for you. If you give me $1 I will watch the ocean for one minute. If you give me $345 I will watch the ocean for 345 minutes. I will send you the exact times and location I did this, as well as a photograph. If you give me under $10 I will send you this via email. If you give me more than $10 I will send it via postal mail.

  • If you give me $250 I will read the Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a work day. I will send you photograph documentation of this. (or: if you give me $1000 I will buy as many copies of the Little Prince as I can and give them away to people leaving the New York Stock Exchange after a days work)

What are your favorites?

Link: For you...
Via: NotCot

19 April 2008

What is art?

This is 7 minutes and 12 seconds of hilarity.

Via: Conscientious

17 April 2008


Here's a creative competition for grilled cheese sammiches!

14 April 2008

roller girl name

This rock star needs a roller derby name. Why? Tryouts are in June and my name is going on the list.

Please vote on your favorite name, provide a good reason, and suggest a number. Alternately, craft a name I haven't thought of! I'm fresh meat, and I'll need a good name if I want to have a chance at being chosen for supper.

1a. Sanguinary Mary (O+)
Sanguinary means bloodthirsty. But all you GRE high scorers already knew that.

1b. Social Menass (DSM-IV)
I'm a social worker, so why not be a social menASS after hours? This name has really withstood the test of time, but now rests timidly in second place for number one. The DSM is the mental health practitioner's bible, and we're in the 4th version.

2. Chubby Bunny
This new name has been getting a lot of excitement around here lately. In 1999, I won Chubby Bunny against 19 other dirty hippies with competitive souls. My costume would include a fuzzy tail and floppy ears. Stevie B. suggested a number of =8{

3. COG (center of gravity)
I've broken one front tooth 5 times, the 2nd and 3rd times at the roller rink in 5th/6th grade. My mother refers to my mouth as the center of gravity. This name requires lots of explanation, but it sure has a strong rationale.

4. __________
I want to think of a name that alludes to my astonishing, supreme arm wrestling track record.

5. Amelia Fearhart
This needs some more creativity in the first name, but it's going down the right runway.

6. Make You Holla ($5)
Stevie B., once again, cracked me up with the suggestion of a number as "same as in town." What else would work?

Okay, your turn. Whaddya think?