28 November 2008

anti gravity snow man

Sanguinetti A! and I just returned from Wisconsin where we spotted this snowman near my parents' house. Is this an anti gravity snowman or, was it tanked during the football game like so many other Wisconsinites?

ladyslipper 7

Beginning to rotate toward the front of the plant.

27 November 2008


This is so weird.


26 November 2008

ladyslipper 6

So close I can hardly stand it.

22 November 2008

ladyslipper 5

Larger and hairier. Someday soon, it'll pop open!

20 November 2008

ladyslipper 4

17 November 2008

lady slipper 3

Click on the image and you'll see how hairy it is.

14 November 2008

lady slipper 2

Here's an "I don't have children so I document the growth of my plants" photo.
Not much bigger, though a little more open, than the last time. Too great not to post.

13 November 2008

animated gif time!

I unknowingly broke the rules when I made this series of photographs of Brian Knep's piece "Healing #1" at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Ooopsie, but they are too cool not to turn into an animated gif. The installation was incredible to interact with.

animated gif

11 November 2008

lady slipper photo 1

I'm an orchid lover.
This is an orchid I rescued in 2004 from someone who'd received it as a gift and had nearly killed it from neglect.
It's a lady slipper. It's a very slow grower and only blooms one purple brown slipper about every two years.
You can imagine my delight a week ago when I noticed a bud emerging out of the center.
I'll chronicle its brief life here. This is what it looks like today.

03 November 2008

last produce of the season - from the garden

I posted the first produce of the season, so here's the last. Brussels sprouts!