28 October 2009

22 October 2009


I have made many cartoons at work. Here are two. They are usually co-worker inside jokes. But they are really funny. One was so funny today I laughed until I cried, which I have never done before at work. It was an unnerving experience.

20 October 2009

lincoln shirt

I have many moments at work when I am bored.
I have begun to create things out of paper, office supplies, brochures. I make them as gifts for my co-workers.
I am creating quite a quirky reputation for myself.
My co-worker London gave me this book: How to Draw a Radish.
I love it.
Today, I made a shirt out of a 5-dollar bill with instructions from the book.

14 October 2009

Internet for architects

On Monday I had an opportunity to explain parsed RSS feeds to a group of architecture students. I used this diagram to get my points across.

Blogs make RSS, we can parse RSS to a static web page and Google LOVES uThink blogs.