30 August 2008

The Butter Heads

I saw the Butter Heads for the first time yesterday. I had the good fortune to arrive when one of the dairy princesses was having her portrait sculpted in a 90 pound block of butter.

29 August 2008

I might cry

I just watched the last episode of Twin Peaks.

26 August 2008


I finished knitting these tonight. My mother bought the wool yarn in Santa Fe at least four years ago and just this year did I get around to using it. I'm deeply in love with them! Bring it on, winter!

08 August 2008

It's August! Finally!

We have an experimental garden this summer. "Experimental" because I've never gardened in Minnesota before, so I'm making all sorts of trial-and-error mistakes. We've had these huge, winding cucumber plants for weeks and I just hadn't seen any cucumbers yet. I was being so patient and watering dilligently. Underneath all those leaves, though, were two HUGE cukes hiding from visibility. I just cut them this morning. I was so shocked to see them nestled to the ground under the dark canopy of scratchy cucumber leaves. Oh my gosh, I'm such a happy mama right now.

We've been getting these banana peppers for awhile now, and the cherry tomatoes are to die for. It's pretty good considering it's "experimental," and considering I've only ever gardened in Texas and El Salvador before.

06 August 2008

11 am sun through the blinds

Laura Palmer's Theme on Piano

What a strange video! The cat is really cute, though. Do those hands look familiar?

04 August 2008

second half of season two

Warning: this post contains spoilers for episodes 210-212.

Just when I realized that there are no kids in Twin Peaks, Little Nicky is introduced. He's got a case worker, two dead parents, a self-centered role model of an "uncle," and is now suspected for having homicidal supernatural powers? Goodness, Lynch, your childhood must've been a hard one.

Just when I realized that there were no black people in Twin Peaks, Roger Hardy is introduced. He's gruff and stern and suspends Coop from the FBI. I don't know what to make of this, except the obvious? The American Indian and black characters just seem bit stunted, undeveloped, two-dimensional. If only I could know if Lynch did this intentionally or subconsciously.

Just when I realized that everyone is straight in Twin Peaks, they introduce Denise. Denise might be straight, still, it's hard to tell. It's hard to tell because Lynch obviously didn't get the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. For the late 80's, I suppose David Duchovny does a moderately okay job of depicting a transvestite. Perhaps I'm a harsh critic for this arena, but I was tisk-tisking Dale when he told Denise that he assumes she no longer is attracted to men. I loved her bizarre comeback! "Even though I wear a dress, I still put my panties on one leg at a time." So odd.

Just when I started to doubt my diagnosis of Audrey with histrionic personality disorder because she seemed to be learning her lesson, she goes and tempts Bobby Briggs! Goodness, that girl always is way smarter than the rest.

And just when I felt relieved to verify Laura's killer, I began to feel the intensity of my interest in the show wane just a bit. The episodes feel different now. All sorts of other bizarre supernatural things are going on, and there's still the problem of BOB floating around the universe, but I'm less tense. I'm laughing more and holding my breath less. I can definitely tell the series is about to end. I'm disappointed that viewers had given up at this point, and that the producers were planning for its exit. I would've been one of those fans to hold on for seven seasons.

I am quite curious to find out if the series ends with a tidy knot, or if it leaves me with a bunch of questions and a furrowed brow. I'm betting on the latter.

01 August 2008


Laurie and I saw a local production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch last night. Wow! It was good - it made me roar with laughter and get a little choked up. All in all, it rocked our cocks off. Here's the star.