15 May 2008

painted-wall animation

Now this is cool. Also, clever. Also, creepy. (But less creepy than cool + clever.)

11 May 2008


The photo button on my cell phone is sensitive and goes off when it's confined within a bag or pocket. Usually, the result is a black image. Yesterday, it went off while inside a mesh pocket on my bag. The result is this. I think that's my silhouette or shadow? I sure do like it.

08 May 2008


As a long-time poor-excuse-of-a-photoshop-user morph maker, I just had to share these manbabies.

ManBabies.com - Dad?
GET MORE AT ManBabies.com!

07 May 2008

green porno

Isabella Rossellini made Green Porno, a series strange, dramatic and hilarious theatrical shorts with bug sex themes. I just love them.

06 May 2008


I'm getting sick of being nice, thinking linearly and outputting research papers and I fantasize about gorging myself on McSweeneys merchandise a I have bizarre urges to slowly devour Ulysses in bed for days at a time without stopping (no showering, frequent naps, lots of cookies, no phone calls and license to emit an occasional whooping noise).