28 February 2008

Saint Paul Public Works Poetry Contest

Up to 20 winners will receive a $150 prize and citywide honor!

Public Art Saint Paul and Saint Paul's Department of Public Works
invite residents to enter a sidewalk poetry contest. This new project
will permanently install poems to beautify our city sidewalks. We are
looking for short poems that provide a delightful moment of outdoor
reading. Poems may be inspiring, funny, meaningful, cynical, mundane…
anything appropriate for the general public. There's a poet in each
of us, and we encourage you to enter.

Open to all Saint Paul residents—professional or amateur writers of
any age.

Each resident may submit up to three poems.

Poems should be short and create an easy-to-read sidewalk experience,
in general no longer than 500 characters. Poems must be text only (no
images) and be in English.

Entries must be original work by the entrant, previously published or
new work.

Up to 20 poems will be selected. Each winning poet will receive a
$150 prize, as well as publication in a printed book, on a project
website, and in city sidewalks.

Selected poems will be permanently installed in many sites throughout
the City over the course of several years. Attributing authorship of
poems will be made in the printed book and on the project website but
not in the sidewalk.

Each entry must contain one to three poems typed and formatted on a
single sheet of paper. Each entry must also include a $3 entry fee
(payable to Public Art Saint Paul) and the following information on a
separate sheet of paper: Writer's name, address, telephone number, e-
mail address, and title or first line of each poem.

Postmark deadline for submissions is Friday, April 25, 2008. Winners
will be announced on the Public Works website on May 12, 2008.

Send entries to: Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk
Department of Public Works
1500 City Hall Annex
25 West 4th Street
St. Paul, MN 55102
(Make $3 check payable to Public Art Saint Paul)

More info and a link to an application at www.everydaysidewalk.org.

19 February 2008


In ninth grade, I had an obsession with tessellations, which was probably the only moment in my educational history I can say I understood anything mathematical. I painted an entire wall in my bedroom with a giant wave tessellation pattern in aqua and royal blue. If only I'd kept a photo...

I found some amazing paper tessellation sculptures today. Here's the link to them all. Here's an image of one!

I would love to learn how to make these.

13 February 2008

laser harp

Fun laser harp made by Stephen Hobley

Via: ladyada

Link: YouTube

city shrinker images

Please, now, go and check out "city shrinker" a series of actual scenes that are photographed to appear like miniature toy sets.

I saw this yesterday and I cannot stop thinking about it. It's one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time.

I haven't posted here in a long time. I hope that changes soon.

Hope all's well out there in the universe of creativity.

07 February 2008

Another Vulcan

How is this for another Vulcan?

06 February 2008

In need of Vulcans

Who should we elect to be the other Vulcans along with Sanguinetti A!?

02 February 2008

the life cycle of a blog post

... by Wired. You have to check this out.

01 February 2008


Here's Fritz, a cat who wears a camera around his neck, which takes a picture every 15 seconds. Many shots are quite good! I especially loved the video at the bottom of the page.