26 March 2009

The Baa-studs

Via: Inhabit

18 March 2009

the car rolled 50,000 miles last night

...and for some reason, I'm amazed.

04 March 2009

square dancing

Wednesdays are my catch-all day. I aim to wander around with no single intent, getting little things done here and there, finding treasures along the way, and enjoying the lack of a schedule.
Today I turned on the TV for 5 minutes (that's all it took) and found square dancing footage. It was so bizarre. The dance leader was saying things like "boys, take your girls a-round and round, "girls, circle up and go a-head."
I just died when they showed on the bottom of the screen where all this mayhem was a-goin' on: a Coon Rapids, MN middle school. 
I hope I'm this eccentric when I'm old.