28 June 2008


Delicious. I'd like this one to be mine.

25 June 2008


Question - Why is it that exotic mosquito born diseases are ripe for comedy and yet local mosquito born diseases are not? Discuss.

17 June 2008

message board

I made this in about 3 hours with about $20 worth of materials. It's so amazing. It contains:
two pockets for incoming mail
four key hooks
cork board surface
a roll of scratch paper for lists
a saw blade to cut the paper
and the tape measure on the right will be for attaching a carpenter's pencil

I used a recycled frame, scrap fabric, salvaged hardware, and $.10 ceiling hooks.

Take that, Martha Stewart.

new shirt

I bought this new shirt. The tag says "design of this garment is under copyright." I love it.

04 June 2008