30 April 2007

The dandelions remind me of gang tagging

The instant random brain association I had when I saw Laurie's dandelion sculpture was that it looked like a character or letter in gang writing. I found this example. Something about the movement or the gesture of the flowers just triggered this for me.

What if we made gang tags with dandelions? What if people's first reactions to a gang message wasn't negative, but positive, sweet, curious because it was made with flowers? How strange it would be to "tag" with dandelions - or moss, twigs, rocks, etc., Andy Goldsworthy style?

I love the idea. I'm going to go with it.

(By the way, *this* is exactly what I was hoping for in a creativity blog - to ping-ping-ping with ideas because a few heads are better than one.)


yellows and greens

Dandelions are versatile building elements. Their petals inter mesh nicely with grass, leaves and other dandelions.

I've been wanting to make something like this since Amelia introduced me to Andy Goldsworthy and the dandelions seemed like a good place to start.

29 April 2007


I'm taking a cross country road trip in about a month. I want to do little pieces of art along the way. I'm just starting to think about it. Maybe little pieces that I can drop in the mail with an address and a stamp to some other place. If you are reading this and you are intrigued and would like to be the recipient of such a delight, let me know. Give me your address if I don't have it. Please - don't hesitate - I'd love to send you something, even if I don't know you. Email me at sillouetteamelia@gmail.com.

Exciting, huh?

I must give credit where credit is due. My fabulous girlfriend sends me the most amazing things in the mail. I'm inspired by her inventiveness. I'm going to take the idea and run with it - across the country.


26 April 2007

Poem 1

The world is split.
Some particles are
available. Others
are distractions
before they go from conception
to completion.
These others
to me
are primaries to others.
This alone has caused me
too much grief.
Remember when I wrote of the man who walks down the street
early in the morning with a suit on from a bar to a funeral?
Remember when the last catastrophe occurred, and masses ran
crazed, mad, open?
These are my particles.
I own them.
They curl against my nuzzling spots.
They are pearls, rubies, diamonds
old growth
The others -
light, rods, steel, and various physical properties of existence -
are headaches, windstorms, empty night places. Coal
coating pitted against clear polish.
They bring me
such enormous grief.


Red piece

This is what I'm working on right now. I want to fill the white spaces with something like huge fish scales. I have light yellow on the brain. But I am stumped as to what to use exactly. I'm also not 100% sold on the idea. Gallagher, what do you think?


A very select group of people in the world knows what I am about to reveal. Now I am coming out with it, hesitantly but nonetheless shamelessly.

I have a raging, squirming, melodramatic thespian inside of me. My thespian gets obsessed with various pop culture icons once in a while and acts them out in front of the bathroom mirror. If I had cats I'd be one of those people to dance in front of them in my skivvies.

I'm obsessed right now with Prince! Yes, that sexy, sassy little man from Minneapolis! If I had the means, I'd choreograph a whole dance routine to his hit songs and videotape myself and put it on youtube. I have it in my head right now. I started to type the details of my imagination but I got shy. It's way more creative and weird than any of his music videos, let me tell you.

Two years ago I did this with Janet Jackson. Gallagher, you can out yourself if you want about your own Janet phase. All I'll say is that we got into her so much that we created a slide show of our cheesy self pictures and synced it to a song on JJ's Rhythm Nation album. Undoubtedly, we were re-creating some unfulfilled 6th grade desires we denied ourselves when we were actually in 6th grade. Just like I am *right now* with Prince.

I'm posting a picture of the universetwins just so I can use it in our profile.

Where can I buy a kitten suit?

Where can I find a kitten suit just like this? Most furry suits made for adults have full-face heads/masks. I literally want an adult-sized toddler-like one-piece furry costume that has ears, a tail and a face space. Any ideas?


25 April 2007

The Steps

I have been working on a series of piano pieces called "The Steps" and I am finally working on the last one - "Five Step." I have already composed One, Two, Three and Four Step. The idea was to write short piano pieces that have different meters. So, in the first piece, "One Step," there is only one beat per measure. "Two Step" has two beats, "Three Step" has three, and so on. The most challenging one is now the "Five Step" because this is such an unusual, asymmetrical meter. I have about a page of music now, and have used Apple's Garageband to convert a midi file into a decent audio file of what it sounds like so far. So here it is:

Or download it here: Five Step