29 September 2007

taxidermy sculpture

Every time I see a dead bird or mouse on the ground I am reminded of an artist Hugo obsessed about a few years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember her name. (Hugo, who was it?) Here is someone who might be her. I'm really not sure. Regardless, go to the bottom of her page and click the links to see the various mice. My favorite is pope mouse.

This morning I saw this bird as it was dying.
Beak was moving, legs were twitching, body was seizing. I know, it's gruesome. I'm more okay with death than your average person, so I like to stop and look at the dead creatures when I see them.

I wanted to scoop this bird up and taxidermy it. I wish I knew how.

21 September 2007


I love this font and how the e's, h's and a's seem shorter than those in other fonts.

Public Transit Crush

Half-asleep, I hope to catch a glance
A form in black (with shoulder bag in green)
She sits in silence on the 114
I hate to stare, but never miss the chance
We only share a random circumstance
A bus line, an addiction to caffeine
Our eyes have never met. I've never seen
The slightest premonition of romance

Perhaps I'll try to meet her. I could say
"Uh, hi, I think you're cute, uh, what's your name?"
And turn bright red while feeling like a jerk
Perhaps I'll try to meet her, but today
I'll sit in silence (feeling rather lame)
And turn away, and sigh, and go to work.

(I wrote this back in February, but I didn't want to post it to the public internets until I was over the crush, 'cuz it just seems kinda creepy otherwise, you know? Anyway, I have a different bus crush now. I think everyone should maintain a public transit crush. It makes commuting more fun.)

17 September 2007

Elizabeth Tobias

I need to disclose that I am infatuated with the i heart photograph blog and lately it has inspired much creativity.

Elizabeth Tobias makes murals based on audio that she records. See more of her work here.

Elizabeth Tobias art

let's make postage

From postsecret:

14 September 2007

insect lab

Mike Libby makes these incredible creations. We saw several of them at the Goldstein Museum of Design last night.

Mike Libby insects

mr bones

I needed a silhouette of a skeleton running for a logo I'm working on. I got to use the studio and new camera to set it up. I like the original photo more than I like the logo. I'm glad I decided to use a green background.

13 September 2007

Fjord photo book

Fjord photo is a book I want to see. From Fjord:

Fjord is a project that showcases the photography of young, up-and-coming photographers. The drastic shift in the way work is being presented today has become especially noticeable in the more technologically adept generation. Fjord's goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from the internet and showcase their work in book form. This transition from internet to book will allow a different audience to experience the work thus bringing emerging artists into the public's view.


I'm fascinated with found treasures. I came across this post on mnartists.org from aesthetics incorporated. I like how aesthetics incorporated used a map, a photo of the found object, some research and a drawing to talk about it. The details make me more curious.

12 September 2007

photo sculpture

David Meanix makes photo-sculpture-collage. I want to try this.

Richard Barnes

Alec Soth wrote a post about this photograph by Richard Barnes. I am fascinated with Barnes' flock. I couldn't quite discern what it was at first, I thought it might be an illustration, or a swarm of bees.

11 September 2007


Page One


There is so much to say. Where do I begin?


Greetings. Welcome. Hi.


The night is over and the day begins.


Once upon a time.


Today there is no looking back.


For the fork in the road, we chose right.


This is what I must tell you.


Today is the greatest day of my life.


Tomorrow I will love you better.


This page intentionally left blank.

10 September 2007

levi van veluw

I wonder why he had the model puff his cheek out.

07 September 2007

twitter blocks

I love, love, love this.

It is almost as much fun as flickrvision.

06 September 2007

bike bell

watch for the stairs and the grocery store.

05 September 2007


Hugo and I are universe twins. (Don't you want to ask us what that means?)

We have a mantra: Boundless desire and Magnificent energy.

Go ahead, ask us what that means.

02 September 2007

Welcome home!

This is what all the cutout letters were for! Miranda would be proud.