15 January 2008

decluttering the desk

I found a brilliant tutorial for how to declutter your desk over at decluttered.com and Sanguinetti A! and I implemented the plan with a few modifications over the weekend.

This is what the desk looked like before we started.

Then we measured, drilled and mounted four one inch corner irons into place:

The measuring

The drilling and mounting

Then we cut slits in the pegboard to match the corner irons and fit the pegboard into place.

The corner irons stick through the pegboard and we used nails to hold the pegboard into place.

Then we mounted all the wires, routers, switches and cables underneath the table with plastic zip ties.

And now there are no extra things on top of the desk. There are also no extra wires hanging out underneath the desk.

This was very satisfying.

Link: decluttered

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