26 September 2008


Can anyone help me come up with a tagline for this puppy?


Sanguinetti A! said...

Four-legged, furry and faithful

Hugo Minor said...

From my guy:
Relish the lord.
WWJTL? What would Jesus taste like?
Delicious truth.
Jesus is coming, pass the mustard.

My attempts:
What humans really evolved from.
The latest rage in pet-owning! Even if you hit one with your car, it resurrects that sunday.
Hot deity dog!

Hugo Minor said...

I really love Hot Deity Dog! It cracks me up so much.

Sanguinetti A! said...

Hot Deity Dog! hahahahaha


I ate lunch on the lawn today at school and there were young men giving out free hot dogs. I had a hodge podge lunch and I was really looking forward to my free hot dog. Then I realized that their sign said Jesus Dogs. Then I found this business card.

It is real. This is how they market their church.

When I asked them what was up with Jesus Dogs they said. Well, the lord's love is free, just like these hot dogs.

Laurie said...

oops, I just posted as Sanguinetti A!. That was me.

Sanguinetti A! said...

I can't really believe they're real. At first, of course, I didn't go to the website, but then when I did I was sure it was a spoof. You say it's real and I just can't believe they take themselves that seriously. Freaking bizarre. It seems like something in a movie.

Hugo Minor said...

What a bizarre story. It reminds me of when I go running sometimes, there are people handing out free bottles of water. I never took one because the group of people is actually volunteers from a church. They're trying to recruit!

Nancy said...

Four-legged, furry, and faithful cracks me up. So does Hot Deity Dog!

I just can't help thinking this is some porn reference.

Bread is Jesus' body, wine is his blood, so these wieners are his wiener?

Laurie said...

hahahahaha! I wish I would have asked them that.