30 May 2009

herb + spinach + olive = jam?

When I was least expecting it, this book appearred to me for only $2.99. Its contents looked amazing so I snatched it right up. Ever since I've planned each grocery trip around a recipe.
Tonight I made this. It's a herb, spinach and olive "jam." I'm not sure I would call it a jam. It is one of the best things I have ever eaten or made in my life. And that's saying something.
Here's the recipe for you:

Here's the process of cooking it into a "jam:"

And here's the finished result:

I recommend making this for yourself. Incredibly flavorful and undeniably healthy.


Laurie said...

I can't wait to eat that!

Nancy said...

That looks amazing!

Hugo Minor said...

Yumyum! This book has such interesting recipes. I love it. This one looks so good to eat.