09 June 2009


I bought a dress online a few months ago. The model was probably a size 0 and it looked great on her. But it looked like a mumu on me. I hardly wore it. It needed a belt.

Stores didn't have a belt that would work well. I found one eventually but it was an XL. First I'm not a size 0 and then I'm not an XL. This dress was giving me a run for my money.

So I just made one. Yes, just. I just finished. I see a few ends to tidy up, but here's my attempt at photographing it. I made a sash belt... part sash, and part belt. Asymetrical on purpose and with two purple buttons. I'm crabby because my machine was making it very difficult today to make a buttonhole; they're they ugliest buttonholes I've ever made. 

It'll do, and I like it too! I think it looks a lot better when you can see the whole dress but it's just me in the house these days, so these self shots will have to do.

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Nancy said...

oooo! I like that!