16 December 2009

spice rack

Our kitchen is very small. Our spice use is very large. We love beautiful organization. Here is the result!

We made the holder from scrap wood and the canisters were scavenged at the Axman, our local reuse store. With a little epoxy, magnets and some labels, voila! Our spice rack was up and on the cheap.

We have metal cabinets so we recessed rare earth magnets in the spice rack and glued them in place. The spice racks go up and come down with a satisfying thwak. The lids are glued into the wood but the jars twist off.


Sara said...

gorgeous....simple...brilliant....looooove it!

Nancy said...

Dudes. This is awesome.

martha said...

totally cool.

Spice Rack said...

Yeah its totally cool you really choose the right kind of spice rack that fits your kitchen.