13 July 2007

The most amazing Butterfield sculpture

Look at this Deborah Butterfield sculpture. It is one of the most amazing of her horses I have ever seen.

I just did a quick google image search on her because I got to touch one of her horses yesterday for the first time. I've seen many before yet had touched none. The one I saw yesterday is in the sculpture garden across from the Walker Art Center. I wanted to sit on it. I wanted to crawl inside it.

But it was not like this one. This one is my new favorite. I heart this horse.


Laurie said...

that horse is amazing. i think it is just about to stand up.

Hugo Minor said...

I agree - amazing. So you got to touch one? How did it feel?

Hugo Minor said...

I just looked at the one in the sculpture garden. I have to touch it.

Alpha said...

It felt... soulful. They are all so large. You must look up into it and see its center and get lost in it.