03 July 2007

mask 2

I've been hasty about both masks. I make them in a flurry. You can even see the glue on my chin under the leaf in this one because I didn't wait for it to dry and it peeled off some. There's something I like about the speed; they are as temporary as I can possibly make them. And yet, I want to make myself pay more attention to them and make that attention manifest into self-attention.


Laurie said...

this is a good start but i want more of the things in your hair - i want them to fill the frame.

Alpha said...

I know. I agree. These all feel like beginnings. It's vulnerable putting it out there unfinished. But it's good - it'll push me to keep doing it until it's complete.

Hugo Minor said...

These are really, really interesting, and I am very proud of you, UT, to post something when you are in the early stages of developing it.