14 April 2008

roller girl name

This rock star needs a roller derby name. Why? Tryouts are in June and my name is going on the list.

Please vote on your favorite name, provide a good reason, and suggest a number. Alternately, craft a name I haven't thought of! I'm fresh meat, and I'll need a good name if I want to have a chance at being chosen for supper.

1a. Sanguinary Mary (O+)
Sanguinary means bloodthirsty. But all you GRE high scorers already knew that.

1b. Social Menass (DSM-IV)
I'm a social worker, so why not be a social menASS after hours? This name has really withstood the test of time, but now rests timidly in second place for number one. The DSM is the mental health practitioner's bible, and we're in the 4th version.

2. Chubby Bunny
This new name has been getting a lot of excitement around here lately. In 1999, I won Chubby Bunny against 19 other dirty hippies with competitive souls. My costume would include a fuzzy tail and floppy ears. Stevie B. suggested a number of =8{

3. COG (center of gravity)
I've broken one front tooth 5 times, the 2nd and 3rd times at the roller rink in 5th/6th grade. My mother refers to my mouth as the center of gravity. This name requires lots of explanation, but it sure has a strong rationale.

4. __________
I want to think of a name that alludes to my astonishing, supreme arm wrestling track record.

5. Amelia Fearhart
This needs some more creativity in the first name, but it's going down the right runway.

6. Make You Holla ($5)
Stevie B., once again, cracked me up with the suggestion of a number as "same as in town." What else would work?

Okay, your turn. Whaddya think?


t said...

Oh great! Like you don't already have the best "two lies and a truth" in town! But...yay! I support your tryout totally! I like Center of Gravity just because in roller derby you are likely break said tooth again. However, social menass is really good for both the personal connection (social work) and the bit of fight in it!!! Grrr! :)


Sara said...

I'm leaning toward Social Menass. How darn cool is it to have a social worker out there kicking ass. Maybe it should be Social Menass with a silent 'kick your wo' in the middle.

Social Kick Your Womenass.

Tee hee. Probably only funny to me. Super funny tho. I'm about to pee my pants.

Sanguinetti A! said...

Sara, that's really REALLY hilarious!!! HA!

Looks like we have one (two?) for Menass and one for COG.

Laurie said...

Sara, I think your name should be Weird Duck.

4. Browbeater is a synonym for strong arm.

I still like Chubby Bunny the best because the costume and the theatrics go so well together and require no back story. Stevie B.'s number is sublime.

Nancy said...

Social Menass may be my favorite, too. What about "Fraulein Strongarm" I would pronounce that Fraulein SHTrong-Ahm.

Sanguinetti A! said...

Good one, Nan. Shtrongarm is good.

I dreamed of roller skating last night. I want my skates - now!

martha said...

i like social menass!

Xanthia said...

May I submit another name for you?

How bout, Banshee Bunny?
With the number Y0Y

But otherwise, I'm a fan of Social Menass.

Hugo Minor said...

I'm really diggin Sanguinary Mary.

Hugo Minor said...

Molly Bloom Zooms?

Hugo Minor said...

Berry Crusher?

Hugo Minor said...

Brutal Biceps
Amelia Armbreaker
Righteous Babe
Deer Hoof
Red Roller
Red Racer

Laurie said...

Sanguinary Mary!


Sanguinetti A! said...


Sanguinetti A! said...

And Molly Bloom Zoom's number could be 6/16/1904.


My last day at my internship is next Friday and people are going to vote on names before I leave.

Laurie said...

I had to Google Molly Bloom. It's not so obvious.

Hugo Minor said...