29 August 2008

I might cry

I just watched the last episode of Twin Peaks.


martha said...

it is hard to finish a series like that. we've all done it. and you did write a fantastic diagnostic on audrey. that will be forever memorialized.

Sanguinetti A! said...

The ending was so horrible and took me completely by surprise. I felt like life was worthless for at least a half a day. And yesterday I watched Fire Walk With Me. After reading poor reviews, I was pleasantly surprised.

Audrey - she won my heart over.

Hugo Minor said...

I finally caught up and saw the ending. We discussed this off-blog, but I will add to the conversation here that it felt rather rude of Lynch to not give us a nice, neat ending. And yes, having Dale be the latest vessel (or whatever) for BOB was sad and depressing.

And did Audrey die in that explosion? If I lived in Twin Peaks, I would have tried to date her. But only after an embarrassing pursuit of James.

Sanguinetti A! said...

What? You wouldn't have pined for Dale? I'm shocked.

I might've had a little thing for the sheriff, actually.

Hugo Minor said...

Dale is my favorite, but I would have been a wise-enough high schooler to know there was zero chance with an older FBI agent.

The sheriff, eh? He's another character I wished they had given more time in the last episode.

Sanguinetti A! said...

You would've lived vicariously through Audrey. You chasing Audrey while Audrey's chasing Dale. Naughty.