19 December 2008

Grand Finale: Ladyslipper 16

Stem height: 8"
Bloom width: 4"
Bloom height: 3"
Gestation: 5+ weeks
Anticipated lifespan of full bloom: +/- 1 week.


Sanguinetti A! said...

I wish I could release some bees in the house. They would really appreciate this. It's, of course, wildly unrealistic. (Aside from the fact Laurie's allergic to bee stings.) I just would love to see this lovely specimen appreciated by its fellow nature-folk.

Hugo Minor said...

Oh. My.

I seriously have chills right now seeing these pictures. Besides the stunning photos, I cannot believe the mix of feelings I get from the flower.

Sanguinetti A! said...

I'm so glad everyone else gets as much enjoyment out of this.

I love that this camera captures all the details. Clicking on the image reveals all the sticky and hairy surfaces.

I wish a drop of dew could accumulate in the mouth of the bloom! It's not nearly humid enough in here for that.

Laurie said...

I cannot believe this is in our house right now. It is stunning.

And, Sanguinetti A!, while these photos might have something to do with the camera, the reality is that photo - graphy is about light (photo). You putting the orchid in the right light and composing the frame has much more do to with the quality of the frame than the camera. Very well photographed chula.

Nancy said...



GOD!!!! It's so gorgeous. It's so fearsome. It's so prehistoric.