18 January 2009

bicycle hankies

While my sweetie has been recovering from surgery for the past week and a half, I've been sewing hankies for her and stitching her favorite bicycles into the corners. I started out with a few yards of fabric, some embroidery floss and a needle. This is one final result:

I started out by finding images of each bicycle on the internet, then using Photoshop to turn them into black and white drawings:

I then printed each bicycle and backlit the images with fabric on top. After sketching the bicycles onto the fabric, I embroidered. Each bicycle is about three inches wide. I then backed each bicycle with a cloth heart, mostly to hide the loose ends underneath.

The unicycle:
... and its heart (whose stars are actually sparkly and silver):
The tandem:
... and its heart:
The Redline 925:
... and its heart:
The Motobecane (my second favorite): 
... and its heart:
The cruiser (my favorite):

... and its heart:
The classic cycle:
... and its heart:
The Surly Big Dummy:
... and its heart:
It's been a very fine thing to do while it's snowy and cold out.

Cloth hankies save trees! 


Laurie said...

Thank you Sanguinetti A!!

I've never had such fancy hankies.

Nancy said...

These things are perfection on wheels. I've never seen more awesome hankies. Actually, I might not have ever seen more awesome anything.