19 January 2009


My project today was to make moss and fern terrariums. 

This is what happens when: 1. you hate winter, 2. your fish dies, 3. fresh flowers are not easily available for your vase, and 4. the semester starts tomorrow and you're relishing your last moments of free time.


Nancy said...

They look great! I have seen so many beautiful terrariums on Etsy but didn't want to buy them and have them shipped. Will you teach me how to do it?

Sanguinetti A! said...

I googled terrarium. The instructions are very simple. I was amazed at how simple. If you still want help, I'd be honored! I got the plants at Linders on Larpenteur.

Nancy said...

sweet! I think the kids and I need to hit a thrift store and find some jars then we'll head over to Linders. I'll call you when we do it so you can come if you want.