01 July 2009

The cookie photographer

I was in Ueno Park in Tokyo in May when a woman approached our group of architecture students. We were standing near a museum, chatting and waiting for some people to meet us. She approached very gently, with a kind smile and friendly demeanor. Showed us a few sample photographs on her camera and asked if any of us would be willing to let her make our portraits with one of her cookies. Two of my classmates and I volunteered. You can see MIKITAKAHIRA WEB and her cookie project here.

These are my portraits:


Nancy said...

Did you get to keep the cookie? It looks yummy.

I love the idea that someone is walking around the world saying, "May I take a picture of you with my cookie?"

Laurie said...

Yes, I got to eat the cookie. I noticed something about her project. It is a pretty good fashion record of Tokyo too.

Nancy said...

I really like her project. Some people are bored, some people vamp, some people are totally self-conscious. Many of those people look like they should be on The Sartorialist.