24 June 2007

Little Otik visited for breakfast

Laurie and I watched Little Otik today after breakfast.


Surrealist master Jan Svankmajer (ALICE) brings a famous Czech legend eerily to life in this darkly hilarious cautionary tale. An ordinary couple, Karel and Bozena, are unable to conceive a child. When Karel digs up a tree root and whittles something vaguely resembling a human baby, Bozena’s maternal longings transform the stump into a living creature with a (literally) monstrous appetite that can’t be met with baby formula. Svankmajer brilliantly mixes his wicked humor with his subversive politics and love of mythology into a stunning live-action fable for our times.


Hugo Minor said...

So Laurie, what did you think of it? As you probably heard, I love this movie. After this, you need to see Pan's Labyrinth.

Laurie said...

This movie is so strange. I can't even wrap my brain around why it loved it so much. I think part of the success is due to the DVD menu scene. There is a photo of little Otik and a sound track of classical music with crazed baby giggles over it. I loved how they made his twigs and mouth move.

Alpha said...

It was much more enjoyable this time around. (Remember the first time we'd had some "drinks" and it was after midnight?) They really surprise you with the animation since it doesn't appear until you're really into it, and I appreciated that this time around. It's so good, so good and weird.

A.M. said...

oh oh oh sooo good! i watched this with my mom, so great to have a mom that likes it too.