18 June 2007

so excited... just can't hide it...

Today I started a 7-week summer job at a local technical community college, where I'll be an academic camp counselor for high schoolers. My knowledge about the job so far had given me the impression that it would be fine, normal, average, do-able. Not a drag and not a thrill.


First of all I was hugely impressed with the school facilities. Very modern, recently remodeled, ample equipment for the students, etc. Very clean, organized, neat, updated -- a huge improvement over the war zone that is the Oakland school system. Secondly, I found out that every day of summer school I will be in the classroom with the students while they learn various technical trades and I'll be expected to learn along side them.

Eek! Yay!

This means I'll get to use big, noisy, messy equipment! Paint things! Wire houses! Use fancy architecture computer programs! Drill! Draw! Design!

I'll get to learn all sorts of fun, new things that I've always wanted to know and then can apply to making art in my own personal life.

I'm so excited.

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Laurie said...

I can't wait to see what you make with all your new tool skills.