08 June 2007

travel companion

On day four of the road trip Alpha hit a bunny as she was driving along the highway in Utah. Day four was a hot day in the desert. That night there was a windstorm and she spent another day in very hot Utah desert. Day six was spent in mostly cold Colorado and there have been two nights of freezing temperatures since then.

This morning Alpha walked out to her car and there was a big truck parked next to it with two big, burley men standing outside of the truck. They asked her, "Is this your car?" She answered yes, thinking that maybe she was blocking them. Then one of them asked, "Do you have kids?" She answered no, still wondering what they wanted. Then he asked, "Is that your bunny? Because if you have kids, they're not going to want to see that."

She walked around to look at what he had pointed out and indeed, the road kill bunny had pushed the grill back on impact and stayed nested in the grill for the last four days.

The man went to get a plastic bag and she asked him, "are you going to help me take it out of there?" He answered yes and she let him. As he was at work on Adventure Bunny she asked him if it stunk. He simply answered, "It's a good thing it's been cold the last few days."

They were able to dispose of Adventure Bunny and pop the grill back into place. So you see, Alpha hasn't been alone all this time. Adventure Bunny has been keeping her company.

She is going on a hike this morning then she'll drive closer to Denver so she can pick me up tomorrow morning and I can replace Adventure Bunny as her travel companion.


Steve Bentley said...

Bunneh can has rode trip?

martha said...

poor adventure bunny!!!!

Alpha (aka Amelia) said...

I must say it was my first roadkill in over 10 years and only my second ever. What a shock it was to have found out that I'd been carrying it around for days. Poor bunny is right!