30 April 2007

The dandelions remind me of gang tagging

The instant random brain association I had when I saw Laurie's dandelion sculpture was that it looked like a character or letter in gang writing. I found this example. Something about the movement or the gesture of the flowers just triggered this for me.

What if we made gang tags with dandelions? What if people's first reactions to a gang message wasn't negative, but positive, sweet, curious because it was made with flowers? How strange it would be to "tag" with dandelions - or moss, twigs, rocks, etc., Andy Goldsworthy style?

I love the idea. I'm going to go with it.

(By the way, *this* is exactly what I was hoping for in a creativity blog - to ping-ping-ping with ideas because a few heads are better than one.)



Laurie said...

as i was sketching this afternoon i started to think about some two color compositions. something like this image came to mind.

i love the idea of tagging with flowers, moss and twigs.

Hugo Minor said...

I have to cover graffitit with flowers here! That's how graffiti works, right? You cover up the previous person's tag to mark territory. Instead of paint, it will be with flowers.

D. Amelia said...

It's like Maude meets la mara salvatrucha. HA!

Instead of stinky permanent markers and spray paint, we'll be hanging out in the back of buses and alleys with buckets of flowers and twigs.

We are so great. I am our biggest fan.

Sara said...

oh my gosh you cool people - flowers and moss and stuff where people tag

i love that

what if you tagged with something that wasn't going to die and blow away

although maybe that is the point and i just don't get it

you guys rock

Laurie said...

I went back to the river flats to play with the dandelions tonight and the results were very different. I was tired, the dandelions were rained on last night and the light was all different.

I think things were in alignment yesterday in a way that they were not today.