30 April 2007

yellows and greens

Dandelions are versatile building elements. Their petals inter mesh nicely with grass, leaves and other dandelions.

I've been wanting to make something like this since Amelia introduced me to Andy Goldsworthy and the dandelions seemed like a good place to start.


D. Amelia said...

It's just gorgeous. I love it. I see something in it, a symbol or a letter.

Aside, here's proof it really is spring in Minnesota.

Laurie said...

More than the green grass and dandelions, the proof of spring is that I have the energy and excitement to make things like this!

Hugo Minor said...

This is so beautiful. What a big smile I have right now!

I've attempted art in the vein of Andy Goldsworthy using office supplies. I should take a picture of it.

Universe Twins said...

Yes, Gallagher, take a picture of it! Paperclip Man meets Andy G.

thelastnoel said...

Wow. It's inspiring.