26 April 2007


A very select group of people in the world knows what I am about to reveal. Now I am coming out with it, hesitantly but nonetheless shamelessly.

I have a raging, squirming, melodramatic thespian inside of me. My thespian gets obsessed with various pop culture icons once in a while and acts them out in front of the bathroom mirror. If I had cats I'd be one of those people to dance in front of them in my skivvies.

I'm obsessed right now with Prince! Yes, that sexy, sassy little man from Minneapolis! If I had the means, I'd choreograph a whole dance routine to his hit songs and videotape myself and put it on youtube. I have it in my head right now. I started to type the details of my imagination but I got shy. It's way more creative and weird than any of his music videos, let me tell you.

Two years ago I did this with Janet Jackson. Gallagher, you can out yourself if you want about your own Janet phase. All I'll say is that we got into her so much that we created a slide show of our cheesy self pictures and synced it to a song on JJ's Rhythm Nation album. Undoubtedly, we were re-creating some unfulfilled 6th grade desires we denied ourselves when we were actually in 6th grade. Just like I am *right now* with Prince.

I'm posting a picture of the universetwins just so I can use it in our profile.


Hugo Minor said...

I never actually had a Janet Jackson phase. I remember her music, but I never bought any of her albums back then. When I was in sixth grade, we had to analyze her lyrics for Rhythm Nation for my English class.

Laurie said...

You said you'd make a Prince video and put it on YouTube if you had the means...I have access to a studio, lighting and video cameras. So you'd better polish up those dance moves!

D. Amelia said...

Analyze what?

Hugo Minor said...

Analyze her lyrics, as if they were a poem.

I have a BIG treat for you. It's going in the mail this week.