25 April 2007

The Steps

I have been working on a series of piano pieces called "The Steps" and I am finally working on the last one - "Five Step." I have already composed One, Two, Three and Four Step. The idea was to write short piano pieces that have different meters. So, in the first piece, "One Step," there is only one beat per measure. "Two Step" has two beats, "Three Step" has three, and so on. The most challenging one is now the "Five Step" because this is such an unusual, asymmetrical meter. I have about a page of music now, and have used Apple's Garageband to convert a midi file into a decent audio file of what it sounds like so far. So here it is:

Or download it here: Five Step


1 comment:

Universe Twins said...

Oh! So strange. It's exhilarating. I feel like a hungry fluttering bird over the ocean looking for food when I listen to it.