27 October 2007

found question

I found this in Stadium Village last week. What do you think was on the tape?


Hugo Minor said...

Evidence that he's guilty.

greywater said...

My hypothesis of the spray painted messages is that it is part two of an elaborate three part secret code. The first part of the code appeared years ago when some dude in New York got all weird on Dan Rather and kept asking him “What’s the frequency Kenneth”. The great band that was REM helped to advance part one of the three part secret code by recording a song that asked that very question. In my opinion Peter Buck (guitar player from REM) has been co-opted into a strange cult like faux government movement who is dead set on advancing the perverted agenda associated with the three prong secret code. If my premise is correct, either Bright Eyes or Frank Black (Black Francis of the band The Pixies) will record a song that asks the question “What the f--- is on the tape”. I have received guarded information, which leads me to believe that both of these artists have also been snared into the strange cult like faux government movement.
My assumption is that within four years part three of the elaborate three prong secret messaging code will be revealed to the world in the form of “action enhanced ice sculptors” somewhere in a heavy populated region of western Montana. Once the third message is revealed and turned into a song the strange cult like faux government movement will begin to enforce its perverted schema.
I strongly believe that the perverted plan involves an all out assault on the American value system and its once famously popular obsession with the hacky sack. To counter such an aggressive foe I suggest that everyone invest in gold bullion coins and vinyl records.
But then again it might just be a spray painted graffiti message… if so forgive me for sounding like an alarmist, however we are living in some strange times.

Laurie said...

welcome greywater!

i like how you roll.