26 October 2007

one step closer to my fur suit!

I am not particularly into Halloween or werewolves (aside from a bizarre novella I once wrote about a werewolf named Linda), but I just saw how to make this werewolf costume on Instructables and I got excited because maybe I could follow it to learn how to make my own adult sized baggy fur suit.

I've really been wanting to have it lately. AAghghghAA!@#@!@#!

Edit: I just read the body instructions and got the idea to get a baggy jumpsuit with hoodie and sew fake fur onto it. I'd add a tail and ears. I definitely want to be grey. I'm SO excited about these new ideas.


Hugo Minor said...

Oh please do this! And document the steps you take - make an Instructables on how you made it.

Hugo Minor said...

You need fur? There are tons of fur types at the fabric district here.

Sanguinetti A! said...

Oh my gosh the fabric district. Oh gosh. I want soft grey kitten fur. Ack!