04 December 2007

8. Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha,
I found this email address of yours when you made that webpage last summer. I found it and your email address was on the bottom of that blue page you made. That's the only reason I know it, I'm not doing anything unusual or illegal here. You put it out, I took it in. Same direction of movement. Floooooow. That's all. >>>>>>>

I'm going to leave all of this to the goddesses to determine. Yes, that's right, not GOD. You should know that by now. We need a few women to help us here. Remember that fortune cookie you got once? We laughed for minutes on end. "Two women can get anything done before noon." We laughed because we'd procrastinated our homework all weekend and then skipped Monday morning classes.

I'm sure that the more I miss those days the more you miss them, too.

It's just doom, gloom and Oprah this afternoon.



p.s. Become my friend on facebook? Listening to Tracy Chapman reminds me of you.

[I must disclaim. I read this blog and one entry made a clever combination of the words "doom, gloom, and Oprah afternoon." This poor fellow has experienced content robbery lately so I need to disclose my actions. After I read those words, I could not get them out of my head.]