08 December 2007

one down, three to go

I am *almost almost* done with my first semester of social work graduate school.

One more 30-page paper and then I'm done with school for a month.


I'm feeling energy from thinking about all the SINGING and COOKING and ART MAKING and PHOTO TAKING and RANDOM THOUGHT THINKING and SEWING and KNITTING and LAUGHING and MOVIE WATCHING and CREATIVE NEIGHBORHOOD WALKING and all sorts of other FUN things I get to do REALLY REALLY SOON. (Here I almost come with knitting needles in hand, Martha and Nancy!)

Writing Dear Sasha has been getting me through this end-of-semester intense time.

It's almost here! Vacation! AAA!



martha said...

bah to the 30 page paper! let me know when we can sit down and knit together! i've got some serious mitten making to do!

Sanguinetti A! said...

i'll be making LEGWARMERS.