01 December 2007

7. Dear Yahoo

Dear Yahoo,
I just want to make sure things are working right. I've sent six emails to someone in Germany - her name is Sasha for purposes of future referencing in this and other correspondences we may have - and I haven't heard back from her. Is there a problem with your mailing system? Are my email letters getting clogged somewhere en route to Germany? She has not replied and even though I thought she'd need a little coaxing I'm very surprised to not hear anything from her at this point STILL.

Please let me know if you are having technical issues and I will regroup my patience. For now, though, I am broken-hearted and muffled-up over this problem I think may be, in reality, your problem.


p.s. Do you hire extra staff for the holiday season? I have a nephew. He would be good.


Stevie B. said...

The postscript is awesome.

Hugo Minor said...

I love the mention of the nephew.