27 December 2007

irish wolfhound photo

Yesterday, Laurie and I saw an Irish Wolfhound for the first time. Yes, they are really this big and no, this was not the one. I just google image searched said dog and this came up and I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING. This photo is priceless.

This is the dog for me.


Sanguinetti A! said...

oh! hohohahahaha!
i have to comment at my own post this is so funny.
go ahead, laugh with me!

Laurie said...


YOU are funny.

No Irish Wolf Hounds please.

Sanguinetti A! said...

I want a large, high resolution printed copy of this image and I want to frame it for the hallway.

It's that fabulous.

Nancy said...

Well, I can see where the myth of the werewolf came from. Yikes!

Sanguinetti A! said...

Werewolves are NOT myths!

Laurie said...

NO huge high resolution photos for the hall!

Sanguinetti A! said...

Wolfie's going to get you, crab snack.

Laurie said...

Crab snack?

Can you imagine this in the hall?


Sanguinetti A! said...

That must be your other girlfriend's house because I don't live with deer heads. I live with crabs.