16 July 2008


Who are your favorite Twin Peaks characters?

I'm very intrigued by the duo of James and Donna, Laura's "best friends." Duality is curious to me in this series - many things comes in pairs, everyone leads a double life. Any thoughts about that?

Lucy the receptionist gets me every time with her conversation skills. I'm a sucker for the comic relief.

The log lady still has me riveted but I'm leaning toward "number 10 eccentric" rather than "delusional."

I'm heading into episode 6.



Cait said...

I just last night watched the last episode! I think my overall favorite was Pete, but I was totally fascinated by Nadine's story.

Hugo Minor said...

OMG - did you finish episode 5 then? Can you believe that Josie Packard is involved with Audrey's father? The guy who supposedly was working with her sister-in-law to burn the mill down? I was so shocked by that.

And that Audrey! I hope Agent Cooper is sensible and kicks her out of his bed.

Donna and James are cute. I LOVE stories about doubles, so all the double lives are so interesting to me too!

Cait said...

I hear that Lynch's idea with this was to get you so wrapped up in the town you won't even care about who killed Laura Palmer. (For me at least, that totally worked. By the time Laura's killer was discovered, I was more concerned with OH EVERYTHING ELSE that was going on.)

Twin Peaks: NOTHING is what it seems. Except the stuff that is.

Josie. Man- I still wonder how much she was the savvy industrialist vs unfortunate pawn.

Just wait! Oh, the things you have to look forward to!

Sanguinetti A! said...

Audrey! That girl. It's all getting so complicated. When it started, it all seemed so simple and straightforward. Now, layers and layers. Josie and Audrey's father was sure surprising, indeed.

Donna and James are a little creepy to me. I keep thinking that they killed Laura.

Cait, I am with you on being wrapped up in everything else. I still want to know who killed her but I'm thinking about it infinitely less now than I was in episode 1 and 2.

Nadine, poor Nadine.

Sanguinetti A! said...

What started me thinking about the duality theme (aside from the title) was the introduction of Madeline, Laura's cousin. They're the same actress. One's good, one's very, very bad. It's everywhere now that I think of it. What do you like about this, Hugo?

Sanguinetti A! said...

OMG. Episode 6 was such a cliffhanger that I'm avoiding some required things in life to watch the end of season 1 and start season 2.

All I have to say is that Andy and Lucy are definitely my favorites and the weird factors seems to have tripled in the second season. I'm so freaking glued to the screen.

Hugo Minor said...

I just finished the first season. The last 2 episodes were good - there was so much happening. I guess that's typical for a season end in TV.

I like duality themes. I like when something is not what it seems. It's the idea that people can keep secrets. In a weird way, for part of my life, I felt like I couldn't keep secrets. That somehow people would still find out, so that just made me become even more secret. It was all in my head, probably.

It's also that you can be more than 1 personality. I went through the whole phase that I was one person, and the person I really wanted to be was a secret inside.