23 July 2008

Full of Secrets

Today I came across a book about Twin Peaks. I can't wait to read it cover to cover. We can all read it here!

On another note: For a psychopathology course assignment, I've chosen to create a diagnostic assessment of Audrey. So far, I'm going with histrionic personality disorder.


Hugo Minor said...

THIS IS AMAZING! I have to read this. But I want to wait until after I finish the series. WOW! What a find!

Sanguinetti A! said...

I know!!
I'm having a hard time holding myself back.
I had a hard time going to sleep last night because Laurie told me at 10:30 that she googled "Laura Palmer's killer" and knows the answer. It made me frantic with curiosity. I have a hard time resisting temptations like that.

Laurie said...

I know and I will reveal NOTHING!

Xanthia said...

How bout "Daddy's little urinal"? oh wait, is that a diagnosis?...it's not?...damn you mother!!! I'm sick of you and your sick little games!

I'm Laura Palmer and I approve this message.