26 July 2008

The Good Old Days

I am now on episode 207 of Twin Peaks. One thing I was enjoying in the show is that they don't use computers or cell phones. Laura keeps a written diary, and now there is the hint of a second, secret diary. When the book is shown, it is soft, like a paperback composition book. The police can't call the sheriff's office from their cars (maybe they don't have radios?) - instead they have to drive really fast to get there and deliver their messages.

In episode 206, though, this lack of technology was broken when a guy whipped out what appeared to be a cell phone of the 1990s. Or maybe it was a type of radio phone. When I saw it, the phone shocked me because I had just minutes before been loving the fact that not even Lucy uses a computer to store information. Instead, she uses pencils and paper.

Also, in good old David Lynch fashion, there's always the hope for pure love. James (who is so adorable) was telling Maddy about how this love he has for Donna is like a pure white light, and he's afraid that light won't always be on. Teenagers!


Sanguinetti A! said...

Very good points. I'm surprised I hadn't noticed the lack of technology. Remember, though, that in season one Leo Johnson had a radio in his truck that seemed to be picking up on the messages between the station and the sheriff. Perhaps they do have radios and they're just intentionally not part of the theatrics.

I've been hanging out with teenagers lately more than I usually do. I'm starting to think that their cell phones are like an eleventh finger, or a third hand. They never, ever let go of them. I'm scared to ask how old they were when they got their first cell phone. Twin Peaks' kids are pure white lights indeed.

Hugo Minor said...

So what episode are you on? I watched 3 of them yesterday. It was so nice to have a night home and not have something to do except watch the show.

Sanguinetti A! said...

It's "finals week" for summer school, which means I'm writing papers. I'm done with episode 204 and burning with angsty desire for the rest. I might not get to them until middle of next week, though. :(

Hugo Minor said...

OMFG. I just watched 207. It was almost unbearable. I am shivering. I can't say anymore until you catch up. Be careful. It's really hard to watch.

I feel really awful.

Sanguinetti A! said...

I've made a habit of not watching them at night. If I do, I feel yucky. I will take your message to mean that maybe I should watch 204-207 at 8 am with a Sprite in hand and sunshine coming through the windows. Maybe I'll order a bouquet of flowers ahead of time to place next to me for extra cheeriness. Many thanks for the forewarning.

Laurie said...

I would like to take the opportunity to say, "I was right." I knew David Lynch would make a freaky, scary TV show.

David Lynch is officially on my "never, ever see" list.