08 July 2008

hang out with the log lady

In 2004, it was Janet Jackson.
In 2007, it was Prince.
This year, I think we're switching media. Hugo and I seem to be approaching our next duo cult obsession: Twin Peaks episodes, in order.
Feel free to join us: link. However, you can't watch the hour-and-a-half long pilot on cbs.com, and it's really worth starting there. You can Netflix it, though. Do it - the pilot is really informative and great and creepy and bizarre and will make you think about the log lady for days to come.
Log lady.


Stevie B. said...

Sweet! I recently started rewatching the first season on Netflix (I'm on episode 5 now)!

Sanguinetti A! said...

that's very, very exciting!
maybe my roller derby name should be "log lady."

Laurie said...

I dunno, there are three similar matches for Log Lady.