28 May 2007

Last chance to sign up for creative roadtrip mail

Two days and counting until I set out for my pilgrimage to the Twin Cities, MN from Oakland, CA. Last chance for art mail! Sign up! Let me know by sending your address to me at sillouetteamelia at gmail dot com if you want a cool little piece of art mail from the road.

I'll pass through CA, NV, UT, CO, WY and SD. If you prefer a state, specify it please.

I wasn't able to rig a pinhole camera since I found out that most methods require some form of darkroom and developing. Even so, the creative juices are bound to be flowing out of me in some form and streaming down the blistering hot pavement behind me. (I'll surely wear a raspberry beret in my little red corvette.)

Your address could be on one of those traveling delights. My new liberty stamps are ready to go, er, I mean Hugo Minor stamps.


martha said...

i want creative mail!!!!

i'll send you my snail mail address!

Alpha (aka Amelia) said...

hi martha! you got it!