22 May 2007

seaweed against cliffs

I gathered seaweed arbitrarily along Ocean Beach in San Francisco today. When I turned around, I saw these stunning, eroded cliffs and worked the seaweed into the sand above this ridge. The wind made it simultaneously precarious and elegant.

I was very happy with the final result.


Hugo Minor said...


Seaweed is so beautiful. And those bubbly pods (kelp?) - a whole other world.

Laurie said...

I'm stunned. I can't quite figure out how you attached them. I'm simultaneously fascinated at the thought of making sense of it and enjoying how it fits together without caring about the physics of it.

Alpha (aka Amelia) said...

I slid the ends of the seaweed into the loose sand resting on the ridge. Then I added a little more sand on top as the wind picked up to give more weight. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can see that the pile of sand on top of the weeds has finger marks in it (for better or worse).

It moved a lot. I would be surprised if any are left stuck in there this morning.