28 May 2007


My neighbor has a frequent visitor who likes to play his didjeridu in the concrete and stone stairwells in my building. I recorded him with my cell phone voice recorder this morning.


Hugo Minor said...

Wow - I am impressed with the recording. It sounds good.

Funny story - last year I played the piano at a wedding, and before I played, the best man played a didjeridu.

Alpha (aka Amelia) said...

That's not at all what I thought it looked like. The noise is so loud I pictured it bigger. It does sound good on the recording. How did you figure it all out?

Laurie said...

His didgeridu might be different than the one pictured. I've seen one that is much bigger than the one in the pick. Because I was lurking under the door recording him I didn't get to see it.

I just recorded and uploaded.

Nancy said...

That is awesome. Your whole blog is awesome.