10 May 2007

Some things you only see while riding a bicycle

Oh gosh! I'm still dying of laughter!

While riding my bike down Telegraph Street in Berkeley, I saw a BIRD flying across my path and dodging traffic with a CHEESY POOF sticking straight out of its beak. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

I put sunflower seeds on my porch for the birds, and what do they really want? CHEESY POOFS.

It prompted a delightful series of imaginative thoughts. I envisioned lots of little plastic birds with cheesy poofs in the beaks swinging from strings on the ceiling. The strings are attached to a motorized something that whirls them around the room.

The world is so strange.

(Note: This is not the bird I saw. Kudos to Laurie for the Photoshop magic quickness.)


Laurie said...

haha! i found a real one

Alpha Twin said...

(deep breath)
hahahahahahaha ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha!