25 August 2007

guilty confessions of pleasures at the expense of others more normal than myself

I am about to publicly confess to consistently stalking an old classmate on her blog for the past few years. This is her fiance who is a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia. This image could probably be in Mongolia, but it is not; they just met for vacation in Seattle where this image was taken and posted on her blog.

Hugo and I met in a creative writing class in 1997 and the classmate I (sometimes we) stalk was also in this class. We call her YY, which are her initials. We found her incredibly normal. So normal that we found her to be really funny. We have laughed at her for years. It is cruel, I know. By now I just don't care though.

Oh my god this image is so hilarious!!! People can be so funny just by being normal.

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