28 August 2007

Next pop star obsesson

Hugo and I have old school pop star obsessions.

We went nuts over Janet Jackson in 2004.

This year we've gone gaga for Prince.

I'm still completely in love with Prince (Nothing Compares 2 U, Prince), but... I'm starting to wonder if it's time re-discover our next icon?

I think the only criteria for a pop star obsession is that we missed the craze when it happened the first time around (even though, I'd like to note that Prince is in his prime right now).

Who should it be next?

Should we make pop star art? I'd like to write fan letters.


Hugo Minor said...

We did have a brief obsession of The Smiths because of that Phil Collins piece we saw at SFMOMA.

Well, there is always Madonna...

Alpha said...

Madonna is a good one. There are movies we could watch if we chose her. It's good and I definitely didn't care about her the first time around.

martha said...

aaaahhh the smiths. sigh. i'm no good with pop stars. but i promise to diagnose them if you'll let me! :-)

Alpha said...

Diagnosis could be very funny.

Laurie said...

What about Cyndi Lauper?

Sanguinetti A! said...

I like the idea of Cindi Lauper. It's a runner up 4 sure.

What about something non pop, but hilarious and campy in its own right, like Queen?