01 August 2007


Lately my daytime hours have overflowed with mediocrity and mind-numbing boredom. I will keep the complaining to a minimum. In essence, my summer job is painfully empty of productive tasks and I must sit in 5 m.p.h. traffic for 40+ minutes to and from.

I fantasize about creativity, efficiency, communication, productivity and joy. Every minute of every workday, I sit on my ass and feel angst and yearning to simply do something, anything.

This afternoon I will not take the freeway home. Instead, I will find another path to travel - I will wind through neighborhoods I have not yet explored and likely get lost, then eventually find my way back toward St Paul, whenever I end up getting there.

Later I will make dinner not from a recipe but from my own intuition of what would mingle well together in a pot. I will jump around and wiggle when it's done and has unexpected un-recipe'd flavors.

Tonight I will get out that godforsaken fantastic camera Laurie bought me that I'm so afraid of and take a ton of images.

I will post at least one.

I am tired of this mediocrity.


Laurie said...


Alpha said...


martha said...

yay! :-)

and i so hear you about the drive. did it for 3 excessively long months. it actually made me angry on a daily basis.

so happy you are almost done. no more mediocrity!

Hugo Minor said...

yeah*yeah! To cure mediocrity, we could make something (small) and send it to each other. You're almost out of there, though.

Alpha said...

Yes, Hugo. Creative mail is a prominent point on my imaginary resume. So, I will counteract mediocrity with you and send it in the mail to sunny California in the next few days.

I didn't take any photos tonight. We got understandably distracted by the bridge tragedy.

I'll be at an amusement park tomorrow - I'll likely find something strange to mail or turn into mail art there.

martha said...

but what did you make for dinner?

Alpha said...