25 August 2007

the randomness of connectivity

I found this text message on my phone when I returned from vacation just now:

Aye this is rashad..
Brob told me u get
off at 930 .can u
get me and benson
into a movie at
945? Ill pick u up
4rm rainbow
...thanks dogg

I love the randomness of this. Rashad probably just mistyped one digit of his dogg's cell phone number so I got the message instead of him. I wonder if he and Benson ever got into their movie at 9:45.

I get random e-mails for other Lauries a lot at work. Some of them are quite, um, well, personal. I've left them in my e-mail account not wanting to throw them away because I love them so much, but I always feel like karma is about to stab me in the foot every time I think of posting one of them. I think about how embarrassed I would be if one of my e-mails fell into the wrong hands.

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Hugo Minor said...

As Alpha knows, I think the limitations of text messaging are ruining the English language. I have lightened up on this belief, but pretty soon we'll be using old English again if more people don't get iPhones or Blackberries.