28 November 2007

6. Dear Sasha

Dear Sasha,
this morning I went for my cafe latte and I saw someone who looks just like you. I'm not sure it wasn't you still. It was very crowded in there and you were ten people ahead of me right when I was thinking, "why do I come when all these other bitches come here?" You were there. I thought. Were you? Was that you? Did you come here to find me but not tell me? I haven't seen you since 8th grade and we haven't talked since 10th and now we're over thirty and I don't think we've changed that much you still look like you had the same haircut and shoulder width and fingernails.

I don't know why you won't tell me if you're here or not. If this is a surprise I'll tell you that this is a surprise to you but it's pure anxiety to me!


p.s. You see? If I stay home all day to see if you'll show up and you don't then I lose a whole day but if I leave I'll miss you if you're really here.

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